Make Teller County your next home base for fun in Colorado, where gold was discovered in Cripple Creek by H.T. Wood in 1874. Just 20 miles west of Colorado Springs, discover this lesser-known area of the Rockies front range. On the back side of Pikes Peak, you?ll find gems like Woodland Park, Eleven Mile Reservoir, and Manitou Lake Picnic Area.

There are no shortages of outdoor adventure with everything from fishing to rock climbing. Teller County is home to Florissant Fossil Beds, a national monument for the whole family. Or try the Cripple Creek & Narrow Gauge Railroad. You?ll love the history and the train ride!

With an average of 250 sunny days every year and plenty of snow, this is the place to have a bit of the mountains without the crowds. The population is at about 23,000, and there?s plenty of room for you and your outdoor dreams.

Join others who have found this beautiful part of Colorado that was key to connecting the Colorado Midland Railroad over the Continental Divide. The vistas include rugged granite outcroppings and mountain meadows full of wild flowers. Streams, brooks, beaver ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are here to be discovered.

Cities: Woodland Park, Victor, Cripple Creek, Midland, Divide, Goldfield, Florissant

Zip Codes: 80863, 80829, 80816, 80814, 80813, 80819, 80860, 80866

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