Florissant comes from the French verb fleurir, which means to flourish or to flower. It was named after the same town in Missouri. We?re actually wondering if we should even tell you about this unknown mountain gem! The crowds haven?t discovered it yet, so be sure to consider this blossoming mountain town as your new home.

West of Colorado Springs on the other side of Pikes Peak, you?ll find the sweet little slice of heaven largely untouched by big city hands. It was established in 1870, and we?re glad everyone kind of forgot about it! There are plenty of trail heads, brooks and outdoor fun for the Colorado nature lover.

State parks include Eleven Mile State Park, Mueller State Park and Spinney Mountain State Park, which are all connected by the Gold Belt Tour byways, a stunning 131-mile drive through Colorado?s former mining country.

Literally dig into Florissant?s past at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument where you?ll find petrified redwood stumps and thousands of insect and plant fossils. Choose a guided walk to learn more. Enjoy the Pikes Peak Historical Society. They are committed to preserving the west slope history of Pikes Peak, including a pioneer cemetery.

After you?ve had all the outdoors you can take, settle in at the local coffee shop or brewery. Local eats will be just what you need after a day of fishing, hiking and exploring. Come be a part of this unfolding community, a place of beauty, history and small-town fun.

Zip Codes: 80816

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